Remove orphaned DHCP server(s) from Active Directory

With Server 2008 (R2) now EoL I have been busy upgrading servers to a newer OS and in the process rebuilt a DHCP server without unauthroising it first! But still existed within the ‘add servers’ option in DHCP and AD had hung onto it so hand become orphaned.

To resolve this ADSIEdit will need to used to remove it from AD.

1. Right click on ADSI Edit and click ‘connect to’.
2.From the ‘well known Naming Context’ drop down, select ‘Configuration‘.
3. Expand ‘Configuration‘, ‘Services‘, ‘NetServices‘.

4. Expand ‘NetServices‘ and you should see ‘CN=DhcpRoot‘ in the right hand pain and double check.
5. On the right, check for an entry with the name of your missing DHCP server (in the form of CN=ServerName.yourdomain.tld.tld). and delete it.

You should now find you are able to authorise the new server.

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