Blue Iris – Nginx Reverse Proxy

I use Blue Iris(BI) to manage a number of IP CCTV cameras at home, I have a single static public IP and several web applications that I would like to access over 443. I decided the best option would be to setup a Nginx reverse proxy and use LetsEncrypt SSL. Here is how I setup Blue Iris to work behind a reverse proxy.

In your /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/<config_file_here> below the 443 server block you will need to paste the following config.

location /bi/ {
    rewrite ^/bi/(.*) /$1  break;
    proxy_ignore_client_abort on;
    proxy_redirect /bi;

The config above assumes your BI port is 81, BI server IP is and virtual directory is /bi/. Change to suit your setup

Your Nginx reverse proxy virtual directory will need to match whatever you have put in BI web server settings.

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  1. I too have this set up. Question for you – when you access the UI via https, does it still say it’s unsecure? I believe I need this to be resolved for Chromecast functionality to work.

    • Mine remains https throughout. If you bring up the developer tools in Google Chrome can you see where it’s reverting to http/insecure?

  2. Hi,
    If you try to access the domain name without the virtual directory in the url, don’t you get nginx default page?
    I have tried putting
    location / {
    return 500;

    but virtual directory no more works after adding this

  3. Thank you very much for your config file advice. I have BI VM setup behind Nginx Proxy Manager and after all the setup I done in BI web server I was still getting 502 error all the time. Weirdly login page was always working and I was getting 502 error after logging in. Thanks again.

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